Schedule Smart(er)

Endless stacks of papers. Whiteboards filled, erased and filled again. Hours upon countless, tedious hours. This is the nightmare of creating master schedules. What if you could automate the process, save significant staff time, and achieve a high percentage, student-centered schedule?

Old School Is History

Most schools have done little to advance their scheduling systems beyond taking old-school, manual entry processes and replicating that same system on a computer. Modern education methodologies focus on data to drive student placement and complex schedule types… most traditional, cumbersome scheduling systems are incapable of handling the complexities of today’s educational environment.

ScheduleSMART was singularly developed to address the problems facing today’s school administrators and guidance counselors, while keeping in mind the measurable benefits to students and teachers. ScheduleSMART will:

Save time. Lots of time.

Data entry and hands-on time are drastically reduced. New methodologies of schedule creation even make it possible for teachers to have more critical planning time. Schedule changes? They’re a snap!

Play a role in greater student achievement.

Incorporating variables such as class size, knowing which teachers match best with which student groups, and ensuring that each student is taking classes that keep them on a graduation path is now not only a possibility – it’s your new reality.

Create more effective schedules.

By allowing for a holistic view of the student, schedules are geared toward a student’s interests, learning styles and more. That’s a win for everyone.

Achieve pinpoint accuracy.

Improve course selection accuracy and eliminate potential human error. Our easy-to-use program allows personalization while streamlining the process. Master schedule creation has come full circle.

A Truly (R)evolutionary Product

A master schedule in two days? No problem.

Using ScheduleSMART’s Optimal Placement System, creating student-centered master schedules can be done in as little as two days. Add data like teacher collaboration time and required scheduling periods to compare schedule options. Keep an eye on student graduation requirements. Generate detailed reports with ease.

ScheduleSMART is all this and more. Grab lunch from the cafeteria, give us an hour of your time, and we’ll show you how much easier life can be. We think you’ll be convinced before your tater tots are even finished.

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